Oh Sit! Dog Training provides 6 week group classes that cover the basics to advanced dog training using our positive reinforcement methods. 6 week classes start at $200. All group classes are held at Creekside Pet Boarding and Daycare.

*aggressive behaviour will not be tolerated in group classes. Please Contact Us to request a consultation or private lesson.


Obedience Level 1 - Best suited for dogs who have never had formal obedience training. You and your dog will learn the basics of positive reinforcement training and learn skills such as sit, stay, come when called, loose leash walking, leave it, and more. Next class begins Saturday, December 5th, 2020 at 1:00 pm and runs every Saturday for 6 weeks. 


Obedience Level 2 - For dogs that have completed Level 1, or have equivalent skills. We take all the skills already learned and practice with more distractions, greater distance, and duration. Your dog will also learn new skills such as “heel”, “wait”, “go to bed”, and more. Check back soon for upcoming classes.

Obedience Level 3 - By now you and your dog have honed in on the skills from the two previous levels and are ready to learn some advanced obedience. Your dog will perfect the skills they already know as well as learn to heel off-leash and through a crowd, work for other handlers, perform dog to dog greetings in a heel position and more. Check back soon for upcoming classes.

Trick Classes - A crucial part of your dog’s cognitive development is mental stimulation! Trick training is a rewarding way to both strengthen the bond between you and your dog and also encourage them to problem solve. This is a great way to learn how to communicate with your dog and learn a variety of fun and impressive skills. *tricks vary depending on needs and wants of class. Check back soon for upcoming classes.

*Payment is required to reserve spot your spot in class. Contact us today for upcoming classes or register below.

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